440-Foot-Tall Hotel Planned for Brooklyn End of Williamsburg Bridge

11/02/2011 10:36 AM |

(Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

  • Behold, the Williamsburghotel. (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

Southside Williamsburg, already a land of extremes, is about to become more so. In addition to the mix of Hasidim, hipsters, and luxury condo buyers, there’s that fast-rising high-end rental building at Kent and Broadway that will top out soon at 15 stories, and now there’s this crazy high-rise hotel thing planned for the lot right next to the historic Williamsburgh Savings Bank on Broadway between Driggs and Bedford. It’s called Williamsburghotel, and it’s on its way to becoming a reality.

(Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

  • (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

The winner of a design competition for the new high-rise hotel, Architect’s Newspaper reports, is the Miami-based firm Oppenheim Architecture+Design. (Joke about Miami Beach condo architecture’s takeover of North American cities goes here.) The plan calls for a three-slabbed tower that will rise, with two setbacks, to 440 feet. By my calculations, based on the feet-per-floor ratio of the Empire State Building, 440 feet should be almost 36 stories, minus a few because the floors will probably be all faux-lofty and shit, let’s say 30 stories.

The Williamsburghotel will look good during nuclear winter. (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

  • The Williamsburghotel will look good during a nuclear winter. (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

But in case you’re worried that the new hotel will look way, way out of place on the South Williamsburg skyline, fret not: the shortest of the three 16-foot-wide slabs rises to the height of the 19th century dome of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building next door, and the tallest matches the towers of the Williamsburg Bridge. See? Totally integrated into the local neighborhood’s fabric! Or, as the archibabble would have it, “the tower mixes height and materiality to form a relationship with the surrounding neighborhood.”

The Williamsburghotel will even look good as zombieism-causing fog creeps over the East River. (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

  • The Williamsburghotel will even look good as zombieism-causing fog creeps over the East River. (Courtesy Oppenheim Architecture+Design)

And what of those materials?

The hotel’s crystalline facade is formed by structural diagonal steel designed to resist lateral loading. In addition to green roofs topping the two lower slabs, [Chad Oppenheim, principal at Oppenheim A+D] hopes to achieve LEED Platinum certification with geothermal, wind, and solar power.

Well, ok, that’s good. Oppenheim declined to reveal who is developing the huge hotel, but it’s not the same group that’s currently renovating the historic bank next-door with an eye to converting it to a hotel and event space. So long South Williamsburg, it’s been real.

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  • The fallacy in the archibabble, as you noted, “”the tower mixes height and materiality to form a relationship with the surrounding neighborhood” [a total crock of shit], is that the “height” and “materiality” is not confined to the strictly linear dimension considered. A true mixture of height and materiality would have also included the width of the Sky above the mixture, the depth of the surfaces beneath, and the breadth of human sight–the proffered mixture is insufficient. If those variables were appropriately considered, the mixture would be at least half the height as the proffered mixture.

    I just thought if Miami-based [DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN] Oppenheim Architecture & Design, and, by extension, the grantor of the “winning prize” Architect’s Newspaper, can engage in serious wackadoo delusional archibabble removed from what’s staring back at you, then so could I.

  • Oh good god. First Hotel La Jolie, now this. Image being all excited to visit New York and staying in Williamsburg only to discover you’re paying hundreds of dollars a night to deal with the ear-splitting brake squeals of the JMZ and constant roar of the bridge traffic.

    I live three blocks from there and even for me the noise can be *intense*. At least I can say I have cheap stabilized rent as my excuse.

  • Jesus Christ, I can’t believe this is possible under the zoning. It is incomprehensibly bad. It’s a fucking skyscraper.

  • Also the linked article says it will be 40 stories

  • @yo yo pa, please read more carefully: “The proposed 86,000 square foot, 440-foot-tall tower is comprised of three 16-foot deep vertical slabs and joins a recently announced 40-story rental tower designed by FX Fowle nearby on the waterfront as the latest high-rise planned for the neighborhood.”

  • Oh, and note who advocates and positively comments on hotel development in the neighborhood, even saying, dear God in heaven, that new luxury hotel development in Williamsburg is somehow in any way “for the locals,” even in minute part: http://brooklynpaper.com/stories/34/45/dtg…

    That’s right, NAG officials. So please, the some/one of you on this thread, and the many of you who read, and the more of you who live in the area, who somehow believe NAG and the People’s Firehouse are not principals in the gentrification of the area–PLEASE. For Real.

  • miami out of new york!

  • Is this going to be the set for the new La Boheme?