About That Kurt Vile Album Cover, the One Where He’s Passed Out on a Couch…

11/14/2011 8:57 AM |


Before digging into the melancholic J Mascis worshipping of Kurt Vile’s So Outta Reach EP, you’re faced with a photo collage of partygoers posing with an unconscious Vile on its cover. For those familiar with his work in the psych-folk scene, this was a little bit of a head-scratch — a seemingly out-of-character turn for the serious, mostly sad singer-songwriter. Were they posed? They must’ve been posed. That one with the girl licking the side of his face is too good.

Turns out, they were not(!). Which somehow manages to make Kurt Vile even more likable. As an investigation by Pitchfork has revealed, homeboy went to a party with his wife, decided to have a tequila shot, then another one, then another… in an effort to stay awake. (He’s unaccustomed to civilized social get-togethers versus hanging out after a gig and didn’t know what else to do, he explains). Then come some extremely charming quotes:

Truthfully, I was embarrassed by them at first because I’m self-conscious, but my manager found them and was like, “That’s your cover.” I just laughed. And then he sent it to Matador, and they loved it.

I’ve been known to just pass out instantaneously, like, anywhere. I’ve always been a deep sleeper; because I come from such a large family — there are 10 kids — I could sleep through anything. Even with my last day job, I’d sleep in later and later and start coming in an hour-and-an-half late. I got fired twice before I really got fired. [Ed. note: This happens to me all the time too, Kurt!]

I’ve done it before. It’s just the way I am. And then when I get up, it’s like, “Sorry, the guacamole was great, see ya.”

Remember when you passed out on a couch this weekend? But no one was around to take pictures and make them the cover of your band’s album on Matador? Read the whole interview here for a good start to your Monday.