Beloved Brooklyn Pizzeria Grimaldi’s Moving Next-Door Next Week

11/21/2011 10:37 AM |

The new Grimaldis at 1 Front Street at right and, on the left, the green awning of the current Grimaldis space at 19 Old Fulton Street.

  • The new Grimaldi’s at 1 Front Street at right and, on the left, the green awning of the current Grimaldi’s space at 19 Old Fulton Street.

Remember all those troubles that the endearingly brusque pie slingers (and Secret Service-servers) at Grimaldi’s were having with their landlord not so long ago? Well, its owners weren’t bluffing when they threatened to move; the Old Fulton Street pizzeria with the perpetual line is moving next week—to the next building over.

The Grimaldi’s at 19 Old Fulton Street (where its lease expires November 30) will cook its final pie in its prized coal-fired oven on November 28 and reopen the following day in a much nicer and larger space at 1 Front Street, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The pizza restaurant will take over the entire ground floor of the pretty building at the corner of Old Fulton and Front streets, the second floor of which is a night club.

Mark Waxman, the manager of 19 Fulton Street, has a new tenant already lined up for the soon-to-be-former Grimaldi’s space but he’s not saying who it is: “We’ll announce a new tenant that I think people will be very happy with.” But unless it’s a hybrid lobster shack-donut shop-ice cream parlor-burger joint-laser tag arena, the new tenant seems unlikely to be more popular than the departing pizzeria.

Oh, also, did you hear that pizzas are vegetables now? What’s up with that?