Brooklyn Bridge Park Receives Record Number of Visitors

11/09/2011 12:12 PM |

Visitors visiting the heck out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • Visitors visiting the heck out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park—Brooklyn’s High Line, basically—has been piling on the amenities and events since it opened in March of last year, including a swanky new bike lane, ample food and drink options, a forthcoming BQE-spanning pedestrian bridge and, just last week, free wireless internet. And it seems to be working: park volunteers conducting visitor counts this summer found that park attendance was at an all-time high—which, for an 18-month-old park, is not really surprising at all.

The Carroll Gardens Patch reports that the park volunteers—who, one assumes, have no interest in exaggerating attendance numbers at the park where the volunteer—counted an average of 60,000 visitors to Brooklyn Bridge Park on July weekend days. On summer weekdays the park, which spans the DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights waterfronts from Pier 1 at the end of Old Fulton Street to Pier 6 at the end of Atlantic Avenue, saw 11,500 visitors.

That figure may or may not take into account the 35,000-person spike on Thursdays during the “Movies With a View” outdoor film series. One also wonders what impact on park attendance the arrival of the East River Ferry had, particularly as its own ridership figures have similarly exceeded expectations.

One day, with all the condos and the hotel that are going to be built inside the park, there will be an extra few thousand visitors walking through the park every single day.