Brooklyn’s New Nanny Stats Are In!

11/03/2011 1:58 PM |


Brownstone Brooklyn parents pay their nannies $15 an hour on average, according to a new survey by Park Slope Parents, the New York Times reports. The wage goes up slightly depending on the number of children under the nanny’s care. One thousand families were surveyed; almost half live in Park Slope, the rest in western Brooklyn. Only 15 percent of them pay their nannies on the books, although among those that don’t, more than half do it at the nanny’s request—the taxation is particularly complicated, and many nannies aren’t eligible to work on the books. Other silly stats: 31 percent are “not ok” with the nanny napping while the child naps; 29 percent are ok with the nanny using her cellphone as much as she likes while with the child; 86 percent have an “open kitchen” policy. Less silly: Only a quarter of employers, roughly, pay their nannies overtime despite the state’s recently adopted Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights, whose very first right is the right to overtime pay.