Collision with Cyclist Leaves Prospect Park Volunteer in Coma

11/10/2011 1:48 PM |


On Thursday November 3rd shortly before 3pm 55-year-old Brooklynite Linda Cohen stepped off a bridle path near the Vanderbilt playground in Prospect Park and onto West Drive and was struck by a southbound cyclist. This stretch of West Drive is the steepest grade in the park and the cyclist, who remained at the scene, was going fast enough to send still-conscious Cohen to Kings County Hospital where she was put into a medically induced coma, in which she remains.

The accident occurred around 2:50pm, A Walk in the Park reports, when Cohen, an avid power walker and frequent Prospect Park volunteer, stepped onto West Drive. Gothamist adds that the cyclist’s identity has been withheld, but he or she stayed at the scene and refused medical attention.

Cohen, meanwhile, was still conscious when she was taken to Kings County Hospital, but has been sedated and in a medically induced coma for the past week.

In June another cyclist-pedestrian collision in Prospect Park sent the walker to the hospital with severe injuries and broken bones. That accident, after which the cyclist did not remain at the scene, prompted a petition to make the park’s busy roads safer, but evidently not enough has been done.

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  • She was (still) on a respirator & heavily sedated but was out of coma when several of her fellow park volunteers visited yesterday (Wednesday). At least the bicyclist didn’t take off this time. I hope appropriate reports were filed w/ police, & I hope police start enforcing rules of the road for bicyclists. Don’t know anyone who’s been injured by a car in the past five years, but this makes two bicycle-injured friends in the past two years.

  • PLEASE did we have to get to this for something is done to stop some selfish cyclists from thinking they can do as they please, like going the wrong way on the oneway road or turning the place into a personal race track. Was this cyclist going the wrong way? Cyclists often think because they can see you it doesnt matter that you can’t or haven’t seen them. they make the assumption they are in control of the situation till someone gets hurt.