Devin Therriault Signs to Frenchkiss, Continues to Sound Like a Rockabilly Jack White

11/09/2011 1:00 PM |


You know, we never knew how to pronounce Devin Therriault‘s last name either, and we’ve definitely spent some time thinking about it over the last year. We want to say it’s French? Is the “t” silent? No idea. Makes sense that after joining the esteemed Frenchkiss roster, he’d opt to simply go as “Devin.” Next Tuesday sees the release of You’re Mine, his first proper EP for the label and a reworking of his self-recorded Romancing demo — a meeting point between 70s Detroit rock and 50s Memphis rockabilly that transports you to a time when “rock ‘n’ roll” wasn’t a vague, meaningless term. You’ll want to listen to it loudly, possibly cuff your jeans if they aren’t already cuffed, and come to grips with the fact that this stuff is time-tested, and chillwave probably won’t ever be. A full-length album is on its way early next year. Until then, check out “You’re Mine” below:

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  • Devin is an incredible artist. Finally, someone with PUNK energy and a beautiful sense of melodic GRIT! Cop all of his shit, you won’t be disappointed…

    ~ nEko Soto
    New demo LEAVING MY GIRL:

  • Rockabilly isn’t the right comparison. His haircut is the only connection to the core of rockabilly music. Vintage Rock, Punk, and Garage definitely describe him better. He uses melodic lines and phrasing very similar to the guy from Neon Trees, who himself borrows heavily from Julian Casablancas of the Strokes. He gives this very popular vocal styling a heavier garage or punk feel though.