Hear Jens Lekman Play a New Song (That Might Be a Christmas Song?)

11/18/2011 1:11 PM |


So we’re all ready to hear Jens Lekman’s 2012 full-length, his first since Night Falls Over Kortedala broke hearts four years ago, but we’ll take what we can get in the meantime (especially seeing as there’s no release date yet). In this case it’s a new song called “I Don’t Know What to Do With This Information” performed during an acoustic set for BBC Radio 1. There’s no telling if the album version, assuming it’ll be on the album, will be as downcast and insular sounding as this one here — probably not, considering the stripped-down treatment that the normally vibrant “Waiting for Kirsten” got. It does allow for extra emphasis on Lekman’s heart-on-sleeve lyrics though, which just so happen to illustrate a story involving Christmas Eve, midnight mass and “snow falling over the Northern Swedish plateau,” which he rhymes, of course, with “you’ve got [some Swedish delight that I can’t hear clearly, but is probably a sort of tea] on the stove.”

Listen to it below, along with “Waiting for Kirsten” and the previously previewed, though currently unreleased, “I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots.”

[via Consequence of Sound]

Jens Lekman – Maida Vale Session by stripeyjumper