In Case You Were Wondering, the Dashboard Confessional Guy Has Great Taste in Music

11/10/2011 3:23 PM |


Skimming a publicist’s e-mail about a new covers album from Dashboard Confessional‘s Chris Carrabba for, you know, nostalgia’s sake (I figured I owed it to him for once considering a star tattoo somewhere between my wrist and elbow), I learned that this will be his first-ever solo effort, a fact that doesn’t seem it could possibly be correct but is. It’s called Covered in the Flood and will be sold exclusively at his forthcoming solo acoustic tour, making a stop at Irving Plaza on December 1. Then it ran through the album’s tracklist, and I learned that, whoa, this guy has surprisingly great taste in cover selections! Not only did he opt for an overwhelming amount of 80s college rock not at all catered towards his teenage-skewed fanbase but has an apparent appreciation for the old guard of folk singer-songwriters who makes emo look pleasantly downtrodden.

Granted, you have to imagine the songs stripped-down, solo, sung in Carrabba pained whine, and with girls weeping in the background, but listen to the originals below. He has such great taste in music! This is weird, right?! Then imagine them stripped-down, solo, sung in Carrabba’s pained whine, and with girls weeping in the background.

1. “I’m In Love With a Girl” by Big Star

2. “The Cape” by Guy Clark (insert requisite remark about the accompanying video here)

3. “Mama’s Eyes” by Justin Townes Earle

4. “Web in Front” by Archers of Loaf

5. “The Commander Thinks Aloud” by The Long Winters

6. “Tall Green Grass” by Cory Branan

7. “We Used to Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols

8. “Skyway” by The Replacements

9. “Long Monday” by John Prine

10. “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M.

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  • First of all, I would just like to say that I am pleasantly surprised that The L Magazine, a hip, Brooklyn publication would write about the “uncool” Dashboard Confessional. I could only imagine the Brooklynites who would despise their music.

    As someone who’s been a fan of DC for several years now, I can safely say that yes, there are plenty of reasons to make fun of them. But Chris Carrabba, at moments, is a pretty fantastic songwriter.

    For those interested in hearing some of Carrabba’s versions of these covers, here’s a link to a widget download 4 of them (the first 3 tracks and the Replacements song):…. They’re all pretty enjoyable and well produced.

    Also, under the DC moniker, Carrabba released an album of covers a few years ago that included other great artists, including The Cure, Afghan Whigs, Weezer, and …. Men at Work. There is also Counting Crows, ugh, but one of the more tolerable songs. More info here:…