Listen to a Very Likable Reworked Version of “Betty Wang” From Hospitality’s Merge Debut

11/16/2011 12:20 PM |


You know the saying, “For every dreary day, there’s an indie-rock song to make it better” (we just made it up!). Local trio Hospitality has been taking it to heart since forming somewhere in the 2007-2009 range and are pulling out all the stops with a crisper, sprightlier version of “Betty Wang” revamped for their debut on — what’s that label called again? — oh, yeah, Merge Records. The track, an ode to one of the only female executives at the investment firm Hospitality singer Amber Papini formerly worked, dusts off the antiqued twee of the original EP version, making Papini sound like she’s not taking any crap from anybody either, while also sounding like she’s singing in Talulah Gosh. It’s a nifty little trick.

Look for their self-titled album out January 31 (preorders include a download of the aforementioned 2008 EP), listen to “Betty Wang” below, feel better instantly.

Hospitality – Betty Wang by MergeRecords

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  • “Betty Wang” is one of my favorite songs of the last few years, so while this new version is pretty great, I think I still prefer the shyer, slower, and more mopey original version.

  • Even on the spiffy new recording, I have no idea what she’s saying in the chorus: “Sioux shot?” “Sous chef?” “Sushi?” “Soup shop?”

  • Oh, man, I almost included this tidbit in the post, but then thought I’d be the only one to find it interesting. She’s saying “Su Chia,” which is apparently Betty’s birth name (thank you, press release!).