Megastore of Lady Gaga Merch Takes Over an Entire Floor at Barneys

11/22/2011 4:15 PM |

Some Gaga stuff happening outside Barneys.

  • Some Gaga stuff happening outside Barneys.

It’s holiday shopping season and what better way to get into the giving buying spirit than with Lady Gaga-inspired tchotchkes? As if the pop superstar weren’t already sufficiently ubiquitous, she has now taken over an entire floor of Barneys New York, all 5,500 square feet of it. The journey into Gaga’s Workshop begins outside Barneys’ doors (above) and continues throughout the ridiculous and exotic interior.

Bright colors, abstract art, and of course pictures, videos and even lollipops of Gaga decorate the crazy floor. Creative director Nicola Formichetti worked closely with artist duo Assume Vivid Astro Focus (Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson), Lady Gaga, and the team at Barneys in order to transform the classy, upscale department store into the wacky world of Gaga. Known for its over-the-top Christmas displays, the Barneys flagship store at 60th Street and Madison Avenue wanted to do something more extreme this year to entice shoppers.

So, what can you buy in Gaga’s Workshop? Anything from toys to leather jackets to candy (including Disco Sticks!). There are a few featured holiday items, but the Christmas pieces don’t seem to be the focus of the workshop—although the Stiletto Stockings will surely sell like hot cakes. And Santa is sure to be impressed with your new Avant Garde Boot Stocking.

The jewelry section is clearly the focus of the Workshop’s collection, while weird treats like a candy finger (gross!) are more Halloween-y than yuletide. It’s not that surprising though, considering that this is all coming from the same person who wore a dress of meat. (but hey, at least the website is really cool, right?)

If you happen to find yourself in Midtown among annoyingly slow-moving crowds of tourists and looking for further annoyance, stop by Gaga’s holiday showcase and see the madness for yourself—the Workshop opened its doors at midnight last night. And if you can’t choose between the Gaga Bust Candle or Chocolate Lipstick, remember that 25 percent of all profits are going to her new foundation, Born This Way, to fight against bullying, so buy both.