Occupy Wall Street Cleared Out by Mayor

11/15/2011 10:35 AM |

This is the country you live in now. Photo courtesy AP.

  • This is the country you live in now. Photo courtesy AP.

Ray Kelly himself oversaw the eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters by police just hours ago; 200 were arrested and more booted from the park days shy of their two-month anniversary in Zuccotti. Bloomberg personally gave the order to move in. “As more business owners complained and editorials lampooned him as gutless,” the Times reports, “his patience wore thin.”

“Make no mistake,” the mayor said, “the final decision to act was mine and mine alone.” He cited spurious concerns about health and safety.

The Times has a three-page article, a blend of narrative of the eviction, its background, the politics behind it. And a great selection of photographs!

At the Daily News, reporters’ tweets are being assembled live so you can follow what’s happening now: the protesters have fanned out to various locations around the city, including Foley Square and Canal Street. The Times also has a live, but less interesting, collection of their reporters’ tweets, though they’ve linked to some good video like this one of an altercation between police and protesters.

The Wall Street Journal has a well reported story on the eviction, including this terrific detail:

Ms. Bates, who said she was among those seated near the kitchen, described the protesters as peaceful and said she had offered some of the police officers cookies. She said an officer hit her with a club but she was not injured.

UPDATE: the Twitter feed to follow seems to be Lindsey Christ’s, of NY1.