Saying Goodbye to the Greatest Month: The 10 Best Songs With “November” in the Title

11/30/2011 1:15 PM |

My birthday, my wife’s birthday, Thanksgiving, the arrival of Winter Ales on local bodega shelves, sweaters, boots, finally being able to close your windows so as not to hear all the noise outside, hockey, basketball (usually), holiday gift guides (seriously, they’re the best), corduroy, tweed, the first time you hear Christmas music, dogs wearing clothes.

These are but a few of the reasons November is my favorite month. And aside from all that, music just seems to sound better in November–a fact I implicitly argued with this here Spotify playlist a little while back. But the other thing about November is that there are just a lot of songs, really awesome songs, that have the word November in their title. Now, here, we will listen to them, before we run out of time and it’s officially December. (Which is also a totally top-notch month and will probably get a similar treatment soon.)

Photo by Robert Caputo.

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