Slide On! City Approves New Museum’s Carsten Höller Slide, Carousel and Pool

11/02/2011 4:25 PM |

Go on, its officially safe.

  • Go on, it’s officially safe.

Yesterday, shortly after we noted that the New Museum had reduced the number of visitors allowed to float in Carsten Höller’s sensory deprivation pool from two to one following a Department of Health visit, and were going to be visited by the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs regarding a slow-moving carousel and fast-moving slide that are also part of the German artist’s new exhibition, Experience (through January 15), WNYC reported the happy news that the slide and carousel will remain open and usable after the museum applied for and received Temporary Amusement Device licenses for both “rides.” Tomorrow night is free night at the NuMu, in case you need additional incentive to let your inner art child loose.