The Faces of the Occupation

11/09/2011 4:01 AM |

Raul Flores
Fashion design

Flores moved to Bushwick from Oklahoma about a year ago. He interns for a fashion designer and has been coming to Zuccotti for over a month. He doesn’t usually sleep in the park, but once, he told us, “I didn’t want to go home and I just stayed.” They didn’t have enough blankets for him that evening, but Flores said, “Somehow when I was laying on the ground somebody had put a blanket over me during the night.”

Flores had expressed surprise at how “very patient and very respectful,” demonstrators have been. “This is a mirror of the new society we want to create,” he said. “Awareness is the first step and people in government are noticing.”

He added: “Occupy Wall Street has nothing to do with judging people. It has nothing to do with hippies and crazies. It’s not about pride. It’s about right and wrong.”

Jose Mediadilla
Freelancer former Marine

“I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for a very long time,” said Mediadilla. “When I came here on the first day, the 17th, I saw so many people here. It was crowded, I was here to stay.” Mediadilla, who served seven years in the
U.S. Marine Corps, moved into the park “officially,” around October 24.

Many ask what the demands of the movement are. Mediadilla said, “We don’t have one demand. The goal is to wake people up as much as possible to see that things are upside down. This is America trying to give a sense of community back to the people.” They want corporate interests out of government he said, “because it’s currently being run like a corporation, for profit.”

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  • I found this article interesting, because not many people have the time and courage to go to 42nd street and talk to these people face to face, whereas sometimes it

  • A protest without direction is just a sounding board for anyone with an agenda. It is also inherently dangerous, because if you “just protest” long enough, and you are risking that you will so far out of touch with reality, that any solution you propose would necessarily ring hollow. OWS claims that the system is broken, but I think that is just giving up. Despite the presence of corporate money, we still live in a system of government elected by the people. If OWS truly claims to represent the 99%, to be truly aware that lobbying is ruining our political future, then it should have no problem picking a policy that helps and getting it through. If they cannot, then they are just another fascet of 1%, just as marginalized and out of touch. So they will sit in Zuccotti Park and bang their drums. Good for them. I have a coworker, whose elderly parents are coming to visit NYC, just to take a picture with a protester. OWS is becoming good for tourism at least 🙂