Token Booth Torn From Carroll Street Station

11/11/2011 12:22 PM |

A few days of subway grime and you wont even be able to tell

  • A few days of subway grime and you won’t even be able to tell

I used to work near Bryant Park, using the D line’s 40th Street exit three days a week for more than a year. Then one day I was down by the turnstiles and felt like something was different, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Like the space was… airier? And then I realized that the colossal token booth that had occupied almost the entire concourse had disappeared, even though I had only been talking to the clerk days earlier.

For those of you who use the Carroll Street station on the F line, you may be experiencing a similar sense of disorientation. (Don’t worry, it passes.) The President Street entrance to the Manhattan-bound side lost its token booth last week, Pardon Me for Asking reports. The booth had long been on the MTA’s hit list, though it had been spared numerous times in the past; this time, the agency came in without advance notice and just ripped it out, apparently.

While token booths have become obsolete since the advent of Metrocard machines, they are still popular within communities, which feel safer within the presence of an MTA employee.