Use Free Pirated Wi-Fi on L Trains This Week

11/16/2011 8:58 AM |

Skyping on the subway: officially possible.

  • Skyping on the subway: officially possible.

We’ve seen several new public wireless access points debut in Brooklyn lately, from DUMBO to McCarren and Prospect parks. We’ve also seen cell phone service debut in select subway stations. But what if you combined the two? That’s what a group has rigged up for the L train this week, where they’ll provide free wi-fi between Morgan Avenue in Bushwick and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.

The wireless service, which will be live every morning this week from 8-10am, is the work of the collective, and has been dubbed “The L Train Notwork.”

The free network will be broadcast by project members carrying “battery-powered webserves,” 3rd Ward explains, which will never be left unattended. Team members will also hand out information about the project, and all the code involved will be made available online at Github so that other benevolent DIY internet providers can give it a try.

(Brownstoner: Photo)

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  • I believe the “L Train Notwork” is an intranet and not the internet. They are offering chat, and content from local authors and artists, and some news feeds.