Yup, It’s a Prefab High-Rise for Atlantic Yards

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11/17/2011 4:02 PM |


It had long been rumored that, when Forest City Ratner finally started construction on the long-delayed residential component of Atlantic Yards, the first tower would be a modular construction, which would save money on labor costs (and greatly displease the unions who supported the development).

Well, renderings (pictured) released today by Forest City Ratner and SHoP architects tout a prefabricated 32-story steel high-rise—which would make the building the tallest prefab structure in the world.

If all goes well, according to the Times, who were given the story, all the towers at Atlantic Yards will be built this way.

The union workers who would be assembling the towers, in various factories, before they’re stacked up, would stand to make less the half the hourly wage they could expect if the tower was constructed on-site. Forest City Ratner told the Times, “We are in the process of attempting to reach an agreement that will work for the building trades and Forest City in an effort to create permanent employment,” because they are definitely trustworthy when it comes to delivering the jobs they’d long promised the community.

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