Bear in Heaven Cleverly, Irreverently Leaks Their New Album (Meaning, There’s a Catch)

12/20/2011 4:28 PM |


On Sunday, Brooklyn’s starry-eyed, tribal-dusted Bear in Heaven began streaming their forthcoming album, I Love You, It’s Cool, on their website… but there’s a catch. They’ve slowed it down by 400,000 percent, so by the time it’s released on April 3, it would have played exactly once through. In other words, they took a 44 minute record and stretched it out to over 2,700 hours, heh. Fleeting seconds are magnified into hour-long exercises in texture and, well, indiscernible fuzz that rings of that 24-hour-long Flaming Lips song that some of us endured on Halloween. To be honest, it’s not exactly pleasant to listen to, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

In an interview with NPR’s All Thing Considered, the band calls the stunt-slash-experiment “a lesson in patience, as much for us as for our audience and critics,” touching on the pressure for a band to continuously churn out content in order to stay current, with focus shying away from albums and moving towards blog-and-Twitter friendly videos, widgets and other Internet knickknacks. With this they slyly do both, oh snap. Here, take a gander.