Best Time of the Year: First Probably Fake Coachella Poster Hits the Internet

12/20/2011 10:45 AM |


Ah, mistletoe and reindeer and what seems like the very real possibility of No Doubt headlining Coachella in the spring. Such a magical time of the year. Riffing off of the long-circulating rumors that Radiohead and No Doubt are confirmed headliners for the annual festival in Indio, California, some prankster has carefully culled together what they imagine 2012’s lineup to look at… unless, of course, this is a leak of the actual poster, which it never is. Either way, check it out below.

Foo Fighters? Sure, ok, why not. Wilco looks awfully far down on April 14 and 21’s date (remember, the festival will repeat itself over two weekends this year), sharing the space with Snow Patrol and Peter, Bjorn and John. I’d like to think Jeff Tweedy & Co. has earned second-line honors by now, or at the very least trump Peter, Bjorn and John. Daft Punk has surpassed opening duties, I’m almost certain. Happy to see Slow Club on there! Am I just not seeing Bon Iver? I thought we were over Justice. Can we please be over Justice? There’s a nice touch there at the bottom of the poster: “Introducing a creative partnership with The Creators Project,” who was the group responsible for the Arcade Fire balloon drop during their headlining set at last year’s fest. The poster prankster even snagged The Creators Project logo and everything. Well done, poster prankster!


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  • Obviously this is fake. The Decemberists are going on hiatus, and the billing order for the days are terribly wrong. Chris Cornell and LMFAO above Wilco? Feist above Modest Mouse?

  • Bon Iver is on Saturday in tiny print squarely between MUTEMATH and Girls. This is definitely fake though.