James Blake Is Not Joni Mitchell

12/19/2011 2:51 PM |

At least Rebecca Hall does a good job.

  • At least Rebecca Hall does a good job.

Today, James Blake released a music video for his cover of “A Case of You,” one of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album masterpieces. It follows a very pretty actress (Rebecca Hall) being very emotional around her pretty apartment, and it includes lots of dark flickers and a few tears. It also features James Blake sounding like James Blake, which means he is expressing a hushed, James Blake kind of melodrama, which is especially melodramatic because both James Blake and this actress are good looking, and when good looking people have relationship problems everyone knows that it is especially tragic in a James Blake kind of way. But the real tragedy, the kind that exists outside this one minimalist British producer and his piano, is a rendition that falls tragically short of the original. Listen to both (and watch Blake’s) after the jump.

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