Prospect Park Bikepocalypse Continues: Another Cyclist Injured

12/12/2011 10:36 AM |

West Lake Drive, near the site of Saturdays accident.

  • West Lake Drive, near the site of Saturday’s accident.

This Prospect Park bike business is really getting out of hand: ten days ago, as the cops were handing out fliers announcing their latest crackdown on cyclists riding through red lights at deserted park drive intersections, a cyclist was hit by a van inside the park; a lawsuit is in the works following a bike-pedestrian collision this summer; and in early November a pedestrian wound up in a coma following a collision with a cyclist. And on Saturday morning a cyclist was rushed away in an ambulance with major head trauma after crashing on West Lake Drive, the downhill stretch of road that has been the focus of the recent police crackdown.

The crash occurred on Saturday morning around 10:30am, the Brooklyn Paper reports, though the circumstances surrounding it remain unclear. The rider may have simply wiped out, though a person leaving nearby Vanderbilt playground at the time of the crash suggested there may have been a pedestrian involved: “I saw a person lying on the ground. […] I interpreted it as a bike-and-person collision.”

A source at the 78th precinct couldn’t confirm the cause of the crash, but emphasized the severity of the cyclist’s injuries: “He couldn’t remember anything about what happened.” So much for all those measures to make the park’s roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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  • So, while cyclists are getting tickets all out of proportion to both their numbers and their ability to cause harm, drivers running over cyclists are getting away scot free? I smell a civil rights lawsuit coming, with billions of dollars in payouts, and possibly a few heads rolling downtown.