So What Is the Plot of Law & Order: SVU’s Occupy Wall Street Episode?

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12/09/2011 10:57 AM |

Mockupiers in their recreated camp last night.

  • Mockupiers in their recreated camp last night.

Awesomely, Occupy Wall Street protesters showed up late last night to “mockupy” a replica of their Zucotti Park encampment set up by the producers of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (the rape one, with Jayne Mansfield’s daughter) for an #ows-themed episode.

So! What is the plot, do you think, of SVU‘s Occupy Wall Street episode?

There’s a lot going on here, really: a self-policed group of politically diverse strangers; tension with the NYPD; class conflict. Presumably someone is found gruesomely violated in a tent (probably a teen runaway from the Midwest). As reporters gather, suspicion falls in turn on a self-righteous white guy in dreads, a smarmy banker seen lurking around the protest, and a beat cop with a history of domestic violence. Somebody gets pepper-sprayed right before a commercial break, and Ice-T probably does something funny in a drum circle.

Mariska Hargitay and whoever her partner is now have impassioned debates about income inequality (oh man do you remember in the very first season of the original Law & Order how Chris Noth and George Dzundza always had their young cop/old cop Crossfire interlude? And then a pre-Big Hollywood Michael Moriarty gave an impassioned closing argument? But I digress). The writers will, presumably, tip their political hand by their choice of culprit.

But all that’s pretty straightforward; let’s think of other configurations of Occupy Wall Street and gruesome TV sex crimes. Perhaps the neighbors complain about the hippies and their orgies? Maybe the rape is metaphorical, and carried out by bankers on our savings, hopes and dreams, constantly? I dunno, I’m uncomfortable making too many rape jokes here.

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  • great analysis. the best I have read yet, thanks for actually addressing the fact that this was SVU….not Criminal Intent or regular old crime-based L&O….but the one about ‘particularly heinous sex crimes’ etc….OWS had nothing to lose by occupying the shit out of the mockupation.

  • I think placing a heinous crime in an Occupy camp is a bad move on the producers part. It panders to those who believe the Faux lies about crimes, rapes, etc rampant in camps, and no matter how they spin it, it’s bad PR for Occupiers everywhere.

    Thumbs down!

  • Warren Leight, the producer of SVU is such an arrogant 1%er. He tweeted that the scene was going to show the movement in a good light. Right, um, the central theme of the show is pursuing heinous sex crimes. Wonder why he deleted his tweets…. Derp.