Teenage Cyclist Killed by Truck on 125th Street

12/20/2011 8:58 AM |

The site of the accident, on 125th Street just west of Fifth Avenue.

  • The site of the accident, on 125th Street just west of Fifth Avenue.

On Friday afternoon, at about 12:30pm, a 17-year-old cyclist riding west along 125th Street in Harlem near Fifth Avenue was hit by a truck. The victim was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The teenager’s name, DNAinfo notes, has yet to be released by the NYPD. He was riding west with traffic, having just passed Fifth Avenue, at the time of the collision. The driver of the mid-sized truck stopped and remained at the scene. No criminality is suspected.

This latest cyclist casualty comes at a moment of increased scrutiny of the NYPD’s handling of bike deaths, following accusations of lost evidence and other sloppy work surrounding the October death of artist Mathieu Lefèvre in Bushwick.

It also follows prolonged debate over bike lanes that are slated to be extended into East Harlem, and could bring much-needed safe havens to the bike lane-starved neighborhood.

One Comment

  • Other reports on this wreck have quoted NYPD as there was nothing they could charge the truck driver with, as if cyclists don’t deserve the protections accorded other vehicle operators under the law. Bicycles are vehicles, too and are entitled to all the protections of the law. Pretending that because other cyclists run red lights or ride against traffic all cyclists are not deserving of the protections of the law is as silly as saying that because one cop tackled a cyclist off his bike for no reason that all cops deserve to get U-locked in the head, or because one cop raped a drunk woman that all cops should be castrated.

    Protection under the law is not subject to the behavior of others in the group, it is subject to the law and only the law.