The Envy Index: 25 Under 25

12/07/2011 4:00 AM |

New York City can be a depressing place to live for myriad reasons: signal among them is the dizzying stream of people younger, prettier, and smarter than you who are leading successful lives at an age when you could barely make it to class on time. On that note, here’s a list, in no particular order, of young people making a difference in the world, living life on their own terms.

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  • Just to add that the NYC Tar Sands “Group” actually contains many more people than showed up here — at least it pulls in many, many more people for its meetings and events. Several HUNDRED people showed up in October to march to the local Obama campaign office to urge him to stop the KXL Pipeline. Some ?40 people showed up last week at a strategy meeting — and, together with other anti-Dinosaur fossil fuel and GHG groups (fracking) joined by the hundreds at United Methodist Church in Brooklyn for a screening of the great anti-fracking movie “Gasland”. We are, simply, at the head of growing movement – which sees what’s going on, simply, in front of our eyes. We are acting on behalf of the health of our world – it’s not policits, it’s not rhetoric. It’s science and physics. What political leaders – Obama, Todd Stern, Stephan Halpern, and the rest – are doing vis/vis AGE and delaying global comitments on CO2 is not unlike allowing a genocide to occur and sit back, and watch and do nothing (even though we did that too in Rwanda). TarSandsAction is growing, and is part of a much bigger movement that is only going to grow BIGGER.

  • In the photo: Robert Jereski, Anjali Helferty, Kezia Snyder, Jen Scarlott, Jack David Marcus, JK Canepa, Belinda Rodriguez, Emily Genser, Ben Hammer,

    Not pictured: Michael Sandmel, Collin Ruffino, Megan Hafner, Martha Cameron, Denise Hampton, Julianne Warren, Sonia Collins, Rob Friedman, Jessica Stickler, Don Lieber, Bryan Farrell, Duncan Meisel, Pat Hackbarth, Tim Woodcock, Bob Fisher, Russell Mendell, Marguerite Pettit, Sonia Collins, Garett Neudeck, Laura Sheinkopf (and more)