The Poorest Part of Brooklyn

12/09/2011 3:11 PM |


The northwest corner of Fort Greene is the poorest area of Brooklyn, according to new census data. The census tract, between Navy Street and N. Portland Avenue, and Park and Myrtle avenues, has a median income of $9,001. “To put that into context,” the Times‘ Local blog reports, “the federal poverty line is under $18,000 for a family of three.” The tract includes the Walt Whitman and Ingersoll Houses. Walk southeast a few blocks, closer to BAM, and the median income rises ninefold; walk northwest into DUMBO and the median income jumps by a factor of 18.

The second poorest tract in Brooklyn is in Coney Island, with a median income of $9,215. The poorest census tract in the city is in the Bronx, with a median income of $8,694.

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  • Thats my old block, 60 Saint Edwards st. accross the street from PS 67. I lived here from ages 10-18 and it was like gladiator school. Im Dominican so off the bat as a Latino and culturally an outsider (mostly black neighborhood) I had to scrap to earn respect. One of the most DANGEROUS neighborhoods in the U.S when I was there. Period. Im one of the few that has been able to escape and that is doing something productive now as a 24 year. Either way, there is tremendeous untapped potential throughout these projects. Just an example I introduced the game of baseball to a few who had never played and they caught on quick, and some of the dudes I associated with in my teens who were living the street life were truly intelligent kids, they just really had no OPTIONS. I hope to give back once Im in a position to do so in the future in whatever way I can.