Yuck’s Daniel Blumberg Releases Book of Drawings, Which Reminds Us How Much We Like Their Song “Suck”

12/01/2011 9:45 AM |


That crudely drawn little man gracing the cover of Yuck’s self-titled album — which you’re probably starting to see pop up on year-end lists and could’ve soundtracked Reality Bites if it were a different year — isn’t the only crudely drawn little man Yuck leader Daniel Blumberg has conjured up in that head of his. There are the ones on the 7”s, the one on the album cover of Blumberg’s solo project Oupa, and evidently enough to turn the surplus into a handsome 44-page book, limited to a one-time run of 1,000 copies. Blumberg talked to Pitchfork about his habit for doodling back in January, likely around the first time you got the song “The Wall” stuck in your head: “When I’m writing songs or using paper to write lyrics, there’s normally a drawing next to it. It’s part of my daily life to draw or make music. I haven’t yet gotten to that stage where I sit down and have to do something creative. That sense of freedom is quite precious.” And cut to the book: $20.

For those wanting to flip through its pages while listening to the music the drawings inspired (or the music inspired by the drawings, as the case may be) Fat Possum is bundling it with three B-side 45s for $30 and also offering a third-tier package that includes the book, the three 45s, a deluxe version of the self-titled 12” and a tote bag for $40. And now to refresh your memory — it’s list-making season, folks — let’s listen to “The Wall” and “Suck” together and marvel at how they don’t sound like they came from the same band. (Neither does this song off the album’s deluxe edition.)