5 Trends to Watch for in 2012

01/04/2012 4:00 AM |

More Art Fairs
This isn’t so much a prediction as an objective fact legible in any art event calendar. New York has added Frieze to its catalogue of fairs, which will take place during Gallery Week, May 4-7 (two months after Armory Week, March 8-11). The Pulse art fair changed its dates to compete with Frieze. The famed emerging art fair of Art Basel Miami—NADA—is expanding to Cologne (April 18th-22nd), and Expo Chicago, a new fair with grand ambitions, debuts September 20-23th. Book your flights now, art nerds.

More Video in Art
Will color photographers have to explain why they aren’t shooting video, in the same way that black and white photographers had to explain their choice when color photography became ubiquitous? These are art school questions with which most professionals don’t concern themselves, but you get the point. Video is everywhere. Shooting, editing and uploading this medium has never been easier; expect to see a lot more of it this year.

The Return of Scholarship in Art
Google Books now supports offline reading in Chrome, which, along with the general ubiquity of e-readers, has meant an increase in significant online scholarship. I predict we’re going to see the quality of art reviews, historical writing and reporting jump significantly this year. I can’t wait.

Whitney Biennial vs New Museum Triennial
Museum survey show comparisons will never end. Thankfully there’s not too much overlap between the artists in The New Museum’s Triennial The Ungovernables (February 15-April 22) and those in the Whitney Biennial (March 1-May 27), but their openings are scheduled a mere two weeks apart. Between this and the art fairs, New Yorkers are going to reach group show saturation long before Gallery Week.

Polar Bears!
I’ve been predicting a rise in polar bear art three years running, so I’m certain this will be the subgenre’s breakthrough year.

(Images courtesy Josh Keyes, Jonathan Levine Gallery)

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