6 Spotify Playlists You Should Subscribe To, In Hopes of Becoming Cooler, Smarter and More Popular

01/18/2012 9:46 AM |

When all else fails, Google dog in headphones.

  • When all else fails, Google “dog in headphones.”

As confirmed by Internet novelty circa June 2011 Turntable.fm, not everyone is blessed with the same impeccable taste in music as you. This, in turn, makes combing through the dump of user-submitted playlists on Spotify — which oddly lacks a search tool for usernames, artists or themes, mind you — a needle in the haystack expedition for something decent to listen to while pretending to work at your computer this very second. Poking around third-party search engines like sharemyplaylists.com and visiting some of the Web’s most trusted purveyors of music opinions, we unearthed six playlists to buy you some time before having to listen to the Lana Del Rey album.

The Believer
Every month, The Believer‘s Deputy Editor Karolina Waclawiak creates a playlist to accompany the exceptional column “Real Life Rock Top Ten” by legendary critic Greil Marcus, who might know more about music than any other person on earth. “Where else but on our January playlist will you hear Cambodian garage rock mixed with NWA and Cat Power?” the editors ask. Probably nowhere. Give it a listen.

Sasha Frere-Jones
Whether it be at a family dinner or at the bar, sound smart by keeping up-to-date with New Yorker critic Sasha Frere-Jones’ “A Changing List” compilation. Then you don’t have to read all those pages without pictures to see what music he likes! Check it out here.

The Guardian
British news source The Guardian runs a “Readers Recommend” series, in which every Friday they propose a theme (songs about death, songs with long titles, songs about dance styles, etc.), and invite readers to nominate their favorite tracks in said category. The staff picks out the best and turns them into a collaborative playlist. Last week’s edition revolved around losers, where we where treated to everything from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (sad loser), Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” (optimistic loser), Beck’s “Loser” (slacker loser), Elvis Costello’s “Jimmie Standing in the Rain (funny loser), and a bunch of Social Distortion songs. Listen here.

This Week’s New Releases
Third-party site Spotimy provides a handy weekly update of albums recently added to Spotify’s library, most of which happen to be new releases. Taking a look at today, we’ve got Cate Le Bon’s CYRK, that Matthew Dear EP, The Big Pink’s new one… most of which have been corralled together in a playlist. Convenient, eh? Give this week’s new offerings a spin.

Coachella 2012
There must already be a million Coachella-themed playlists swirling around cyberspace, but we particularly like this one from a guy named Rich Bristow, who offers a three hour crash course on nearly every act packing their bags for the desert. Props for choosing the George Jackson cover of “Aretha, Sing One for Me” as Cat Power’s contribution. So good. Check it out here. Or, if you prefer total immersion, bloggers at The Haute Critique have compiled every song from Coachella’s 2012 roster currently available on Spotify — 3,646 tracks — which is maybe just three Atari Teenage Riot songs too many. But if that’s your thing.

SXSW 2012
It’s a daunting task, but, I mean, someone’s got to do it. Austin Bloggy Limits stepped up to the plate, curating an evolving collection of music from bands slated to play at SXSW in March. As it stands, we have roughly 24-hours worth from the likes of the Magnetic Fields, Thee Oh Sees, Katy B and Grimes. There’s nothing from my unsung garage rock hero Mikal Cronin at the moment, but seeing as he’s new to the lineup, I’ll give ol’ Bloggy Limits a day or two to catch up. Prepare for the whirlwind here. (For those able to afford a flight to Spain, Primavera is boasting an equally impressive lineup this year. Check that out here.)

And if all else fails, someone made a playlist to accompany The Pitchfork 500, so that’s cool.

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