Big Real Estate Firm Refers to a Third of Borough as “Other Brooklyn”

01/31/2012 8:57 AM |


Some readers were annoyed with me recently for suggesting that certain neighborhoods, particularly the subdivisions of Flatbush, were too small to be officially considered proper individual communities. But, hey, at least I didn’t do what real estate big Corcoran does in its map of Brooklyn, which is to consider almost everything east of Bed-Stuy/Crown Heights/Flatbush/Midwood—roughly, what, a third of the borough?—to be “Other Brooklyn.” That’s right, forget about Fiske Terrace. Brownsville, East New York, Flatlands, Canarsie, Cypress Hills, Marine Park and Bergen Beach (even Bushwick!), you’re not neighborhoods anymore—just a big gray lump of real-estate etcetera.

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  • Fuckers of mothers.

  • They have map that acknowledges the reality that their clients are not interested in moving to Brownsville. How dare they.

  • That doesn’t surprise me. It’s east of Brooklyn’s color line, and all those neighborhoods have significant African-American populations, and hipsters and yuppies wouldn’t be interested in moving there.

  • … Evaluating a property based on commute time doesn’t make you a racist.

  • @Bensonhurster–I respectfully beg to differ. It is precisely that alteriority [the kind that stretches back to when “discoverers” landed on the eastern shores of the New Americas and lumped in the heterogenous “tribes” and societies into one lumpen mass of “wilderness”] Real Estate interpolates transients that are only now known as “hipsters” and “yuppies.”

  • Yes, asdklj (if that’s your real name), a quicker commute time is exactly why Mill Basin is singled out amid “Other Brooklyn” there.