Brooklyn DA Reviewing Deadly Cyclist Hit-and-Run After NYPD Investigation Criticized

01/26/2012 8:58 AM |

Mathieu Lefèvres mother visits his the ghost bike chained on Morgan Avenue in her sons memory. (Courtesy

  • Mathieu Lèvre’s mother visits his the ghost bike chained on Morgan Avenue in her son’s memory. (Courtesy

The case of Mathieu Lefèvre, the Montreal-raised, Brooklyn-based artist who was killed by the driver of a truck in a hit-and-run at the corner of Morgan Avenue and Meserole Street last October, has not only sparked criticisms of the NYPD’s handling of their investigation, but also of the conspicuous rarity of charges leveled against drivers who kill cyclists. But all that might change as the office of Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney, prepares to review Lefèvre’s death.

“Any time there’s a fatality the NYPD does their investigation, and we do our own,” vehicular crimes bureau chief Craig Esswein told Streetsblog.

Among the evidence that Esswein’s office will be reviewing are photos from the scene that even Lefèvre’s family hasn’t seen, as well as video footage that shows the flatbed truck dragging the 30-year-old cyclist and his bike for several yards after the initial collision.

In a statement earlier this week Mathieu’s mother Erika (pictured at top) noted that the driver of the truck, Leonardo Degianni, has been charged for failing to signal and failing to exercise due care, but neither for the fatal collision, nor for leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Erika and other members of the Lefèvre family have launched a letter-writing campaign urging Hynes’s office to perform a diligent and careful review of the accident.

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  • Why would the Brooklyn DA need a vehicular crime investigating unit if there was adequate investigation of vehicular crime by the NYPD? It seems to me the shortcomings of the NYPD are well known by local prosecutors who are merely sidestepping the situation instead of actively working to correct it.

  • Thank you for the attention paid to the Lefevre family and their
    struggle. They are accepting donations for their legal fund here: