Brooklyn Thieves Target Transplants in Trendy Neighborhoods

01/11/2012 9:49 AM |


Police have seen an uptick in crime in “trendy” neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and Red Hook, the Post reports—mostly robberies, like purse snatchings and iPhone grab-and-runs. “The quick-footed thieves are targeting tipsy revelers, distracted shoppers and anyone with earbuds, oblivious of his [or her, ahem!] surroundings,” the paper reports. Last week, similar reports surfaced about muggers in Clinton Hill preying on the intoxicated. The 76th precinct, which covers Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, has seen a 24 percent uptick in robberies in 2011, to 124 from 100 in 2010, Patch reports. The 78th precinct, which covers Park Slope, saw a 32 percent rise in robberies.

The Carroll Gardens Patch reported these trends in September. “It’s the transplanted New Yorker, not the person that was born and raised here, that seems to be the person that has electronic devices out,” a local police captain told the website at the time.

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