Brooklyn’s Hospitality Premieres Music Video For First Single Off Merge Debut

01/23/2012 4:42 PM |

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Arrested Development fans. Hospitality’s first music video for their eagerly anticipated full-length debut features actress Alia Shawkat, of Maeby Fünke fame, as she deals with getting over a long-distance breakup. Here’s a primer for those who know the show, but not the band: By the time the Brooklyn-based indie poppers signed onto Merge Records in September of last year, they had already spent years building hype as a band to watch (as well as one of The L‘s honorable mentions of 2009). Stereolab asked the band to open for them at a New York City show in 2008, and in October of last year, Hospitality opened for a sold-out set with Eleanor Friedberger and Wild Flag. Their music, and single “Friends of Friends” especially, recalls a straightforward charm and upbeat sense of play that seems to have gone into hiding from the Brooklyn scene of late. It’s a relief to have it back. Keep an eye out for the band’s self-titled album when it comes out in a week, on January 31.

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