Cabbie Arrested in Williamsburg Rape

01/10/2012 2:09 PM |


A cab driver who raped a drunk woman in May after picking her up at a Williamsburg bar has been arrested, the Post reports. The 26-year-old woman, who’d asked to be taken to Manhattan, fell asleep in the back seat; the 40-year-old driver, Gurmeet Singh, then allegedly tied the victims hands with a scarf and raped her. He then took her cellphone and cash before pushing her out of the car. Singh was arrested after he became a suspect in a second rape in Harlem in September. His DNA was a match in the Brooklyn case; he has not been charged in the Harlem one.

Recently, criminals have been preying late-night on intoxicated pedestrians, and the dangers of “drunk walking” have become apparent. I recommended taking cabs, but take that with a grain of salt, apparently.

Anyway, Post commenters were outraged by the assailant’s race. “Cab drivers should be clean cut Americans that speak English,” wrote one. “This dirty pig should be shot & hung at dawn.”

“Only surprise is cops actually found this towel head,” wrote another.

“He couldn’t find a goat to sodomize?” asked one more.

Strange how Post commenters are so awful they almost make you want to stick up for rapists.

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