City To Spend Nearly $1 Million Fixing McCarren Park Lake

01/24/2012 2:20 PM |

Cooling off in the McCarren Park Lake. (Photo: Christine Murray/Flickr)

  • Cooling off in the McCarren Park Lake. (Photo: Christine Murray/Flickr)

If you’ve ever wandered through the section of McCarren Park between Driggs and Bedford avenues within a week of heavy rainfall, you’ve probably found yourself wishing you’d brought some boots, a bathing suit, and perhaps a small sailboat. That part of the park, where two concrete paths meet beside Gilroy Field, has notoriously poor drainage, habitually turning into a shallow lake and then a muddy swamp. But the city is finally going to unclog the drain, to the tune of nearly $1 million.

Some $930,000 have been committed, at the behest of city councilman Stephen Levin, for developers to repair paths and add drains to the center of the park, including the flood plain between the ball fields, DNAinfo reports. The Open Space Alliance’s Stephanie Thayer says that after heavy rains it’s not uncommon for a park worker to spend a day removing water pooled there with an electric pump.

Parents, dog owners and other park users were understandably happy to hear about the forthcoming fix, perhaps none more adorably than this one:

“The water stands here more often than not,” said Lars Hjelmquist, as his pomeranian Okie sat vomiting after slurping up a fetid puddle Friday. After hearing the price of the renovations, Hjelmquist gasped, then said, “It’s necessary.”

When exactly work on the park will begin is unclear—we just hope it doesn’t affect kickball season!


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