Happy Belated Birthday, Roe!

01/23/2012 4:05 PM |

Trust women, you dummies!

  • Trust women, you dummies!

The internet got you this awesome interview with an abortion provider from The Hairpin. Great bit in a sea of best bits:

It’s similar to some of the language from the early 20th century. Margaret Sanger, one of her campaigns was “voluntary motherhood” — that’s why she’s talking about birth control and decriminalizing education about birth control. It’s the same thing: I think motherhood should be voluntary. It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love, and that’s what I came to see in the trenches as a resident — that it’s so important to do motherhood well, and to feel ready to do it. And women know when they’re ready. And I trust them to know that. And I recognize that a woman is the only one who CAN know that for her own life. Other people can tell her what to do, and have all kinds of assumptions and preconceptions about what her life is “really like,” but I think that’s immoral. And I use that term provocatively because I think, unfortunately, the idea of providing abortion or women having abortions has all been laden with this idea that it’s the “immoral” thing to do. I think it’s immoral to tell a woman to stay pregnant when she’s not ready.

2011 was depressing as hell for reproductive rights, and it seems like it’s only going to get worse. Let’s all give some money to Planned Parenthood today, okay?