Person Who Drank Donkey Semen Doesn’t Even Get to Be on TV

01/30/2012 2:24 PM |

TMZ should be very proud of this exclusive image.

  • TMZ should be very proud of this exclusive image.

Fear Factor, which already has enough on its conscience for launching Joe Rogan’s career, made some sad bastard drink big old mugs of donkey jizz (and urine!) and now they’re not even going to air it?!?!?!

An network website now lists a rerun of the reality competition show in place of the episode “Hee Haw! Hee Haw!,” according to the gossip site, which broke the original story about the tasteless taste test on Friday night. Promos for the new episode had also been taken down from the Internet.

In the episode, contestants were apparently required to drink every last drop from both glasses to advance — and that left a bad taste in the mouth of NBC parent company Comcast after the news of the stunt leaked, sources told TMZ.

Listen, we live in a society where people desire money and fame enough that they are willing to guzzle ejaculate on camera, and NOW we decide to be prudes about it? C’mon. Rogan had this to say:

“I say, in the real world, in a healthy society, you’re not supposed to eat animal d—, but guess what, here you have to eat animal d— if you want to win $50,000,” Rogan said.

Which leaves me with several questions. First, what word can he possibly be saying that starts with a “d” and describes jizz? Second, how is the Daily News seriously running an article that is about PEOPLE DRINKING JIZZ ON TV and they’ve got too many standards to print “d—-“? I feel like our priorities are all screwy.

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