The Internet’s Best Black Hole: These “What’s in Your Bag?” Videos From Amoeba Records

01/30/2012 12:43 PM |


This weekend I didn’t think about Lana Del Rey, not even once. Instead I did normal-person things, like grocery shopped and cleaned my apartment, save for the two-hour diversion of watching these “What’s in My Bag?” videos that, despite being an ongoing series since 2008, I’m just founding out about now. Maybe you are too? The premise is pretty simple: Musicians, DJs and other music types go record shopping at one of the fabled Amoeba Music locations in California and talk about what they picked out. Hearing them discuss records they’ve been meaning to buy is more entertaining than it sounds — just wait for Jason Schwartzman to talk about music he wants his kid to grow up listening to, or for J Mascis to dryly refer to the deluxe version of Vs. as “extra crap,” or for a particularly endearing Jay Reatard to make a case for ABBA. If you’re short on time, some highlights below:

Jay Reatard


Jason Schwartzman

Best Coast

James Blake


J Mascis

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