The L Magazine: Put it in Your iPhone (for Free!)

01/24/2012 3:02 PM |

Hey, its our app!

  • Hey, it’s our app!

Dear Friends of The L Magazine,

We’re pretty proud of our new gadget, and we hope you take it out for a spin. You should, because it’s free.

If that’s not enough, here are seven reasons to download The L Magazine‘s new iPhone app:
1. It’s FREE. Yes, free.
2. Download issues to read anywhere (in an underground bunker, or a submarine!).
3. Listen to tracks from local bands handpicked by our editors.
4. Search for events near you.
5. Luxuriate in our glamorous photo galleries.
6. Find shopping, restaurants, and services near you.
7. Stay in the loop with local cultural news via our mobile blog.

So hurry up and download our FREE app, and if you have any glowing praise or “constructive” criticism, please drop me a line!

Best wishes,
Nick Burry
Publisher – The L Magazine

One Comment

  • Hello L Mag. Why not make an Android app? Iphones hold around 30% of the smartphone market, but Androids are over 50%. I would certainly make use of such an app. Cheers.