Today’s Lana Del Rey Conspiracy Theory Involves Her “Borrowing” From Blink-182

01/26/2012 9:47 AM |


It’s a big week for Lana Del Rey, her album having now officially leaked, at last providing grounds on which to judge her, and it’s always a big week for Blink-182. So, sure, why not this? SPIN editor Chris Weingarten brought up a fair point on Twitter last night, suggesting Ms. Del Rey’s shiniest star to date, “Video Games,” mimics the chords to Blink’s suicide-is-serious public service announcement, “Adam’s Song,” from their 1999 album, Enema of the State. Within an hour, one of the mash-up artists in The Stereo Bomb superimposed her vocals with their chords, noting that Blink’s contribution was slid down a minor third for maximum impact. You know what to do: Listen, judge, update social media outlets with your findings.

Video Games / Adam’s Song with chorus (The Stereo Bomb) by The Stereo Bomb

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