11 Brooklyn Buildings That Would Make Great DIY Music Venues

02/02/2012 5:00 AM |

Some are tucked away in seldom seen corners of the city, others are in plain view, a few are two-faced tricksters operating as, say, tortilla factories by day, music clubs by night. Point is, we live in a concrete jungle of structures and spaces waiting to be turned into DIY venues by the wave of a promoter-godfairy’s wand. Lest we forget, Issue Project Room was once housed in a silo; Damon Dash’s office basement hosted one of Sleigh Bells’ first shows; Japanther has played in the back of a moving truck, for crying out loud. Now that family-style Chinese restaurants are officially fair game, we thought it’d be a good time to do a little digging of our own. Pooled together from editor recommendations, here are 11 Brooklyn spaces where we’d very much like to see some bands play &#8212 respectively, of course, to their histories and neighborhoods. Any takers?

Red Hook Grain Terminal
“Safe” may not be the appropriate word to describe the 12-story abandoned grain factory overlooking the East River &#8212 and actually getting inside, as some can attest, may present a few obstacles. So you might die going to see a show, but you’ll die inside a DIY fairyland bearing equal resemblance to the interior of Chicago’s Cheesecake Factory and a dilapidated warehouse. And danger is so very rock ‘n’ roll. (Actually, a better, safer option might be utilizing one of the several open platforms outside the building with views of the Manhattan skyline.)

Photo by Herman Yung

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