Another Williamsburg Gallery Moves East; Camel Art Space Bushwick-Bound

02/01/2012 9:45 AM |

Camel Art Spaces home for the past several years, 722 Metropolitan Avenue.

  • Camel Art Space’s home for the past four years, 722 Metropolitan Avenue.

The Williamsburg-to-Bushwick gallery migration continues (ahem, just as I predicted) with news that longtime Metropolitan Avenue non-profit gallery and studio complex Camel Art Space will be moving east and losing its charmingly oddball name—and the found camel mascot that provided it. The gallery’s new, as yet unnamed incarnation, will open in April.

The new Camel Art Space will be in Bushwick (well, technically Ridgewood) at 1717 Troutman Street, the same building that houses the gallery Regina Rex and countless artists’ studios, reports Bushwick Daily.

The space will be smaller, allowing for fewer studios but also facilitating more focused group exhibitions and solo shows that gallery directors—including artists Rob de Oude and Enrico Gomez—will have more active roles in curating. Lately they’ve relied heavily on proposals from outside curators who’ve been putting together thematically-driven group shows, the last of which at 722 Metropolitan, First Truth and a project room installation by Yuka Otani, open next Friday (the 10th) and run through March 11.

Whatever the new space at 1717 Troutman lacks in size it will make up for in structural integrity. The Metropolitan Avenue brick warehouse where Camel Art Space has been since opening in 2008—where de Oude has had a studio for a decade—is very prone to leaking. The Troutman building is a significantly more modern cement structure, with very high ceilings and, depending on which side they’re located on, amazing skyline views of Manhattan.

As for the new name, Bushwick Daily’s Katarina Hybenova claims they’ve ruled out anything involving an animal, but when I suggested “Trout Art Space” to Gomez last month he seemed pretty enthusiastic. We’ll know soon enough.

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