Bronx Mad About Vodka Sex Worker Billboard

02/22/2012 11:51 AM |

Do sheep like vodka? Do they like straw hats?

  • Do sheep like vodka? Do they like straw hats?

Community leaders in the Bronx are pissed about this billboard ad for vodka, brought to you by the same people who thought it was a good idea to make an ad that said “Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing.”

Aiming to convey that Wódka vodka is top-notch and cheap, the sign over the Bruckner Expressway in Hunts Point reads: “Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing.”

The analogy did not amuse members of the Bronx’s Community Board 2, who have been battling for a decade to revamp Hunts Points reputation as a place to pick up hookers.

“When I saw it I almost fell out of my seat,” said Rafael Salamanca Jr., district manager for CB 2. “That’s an inappropriate billboard given what the Hunts Point community has gone through in the past.”

What I think is offensive is that the Daily News still allows “hooker” to run in a story. I mean, I would expect it from the Post but c’mon. Anyway, the Wódka people are clearly assholes, and we should legalize all sex work so that people don’t have to be out on the street at Hunts Point to make a living. But the real question is why is there a sheep in the ad, and why is he wearing a festive straw hat?

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