Can You Figure Out What André 3000 Is Rapping On That New Gorillaz Collab?

02/23/2012 11:05 AM |


If André 3000 ever decides to take a break from music, he should seriously consider a professional career in speed talking. What the hell is he saying on that new Converse collaboration with the Gorillaz? For a little over a minute, I’m pretty sure he raps at the speed of light, and I just barely made out the word “pajamas” before my brain short-circuited.

Here’s slowed-down version of the song after the jump, so maybe one of you can give us better insight to the lyrics. In my muddled transcription (posted after the track) I still arrived at phrases like “asinine ass” and “plaid pass” before I gave up, so something tells me those might not be accurate. Also, is that a Bushwick shout out around 1:19? Represent.

New word, onomatopoeia
Boom quit actin’ like you don’t wanna be here
Remind to get drunk like me, get
Girl I can’t even love make me really wanna leave here
No, get us gone, get on
Okay okay okay, back to the happy song
Rap ain’t nothing but an autotuned bitch (???)
My girl look pretty up there right here
My plaid pass my silent future (?!)
Asinine ass and a gorgeous cooch
I’mma gonna pass but you’re into me
Summer got mad ‘cause winter blew me
That juicy fruit, that’s blue-scious boots
Generation x on bloop de bloop
Get duke gotta get duke duked
Everybody hit the floor we through the roof
Like a chimney, I commend me
How it could it be some lame man we could talk about
Aw him rapping though, but ya I’m rapping like
And I’m like wrap it up, ho
Me on scarface, me on Willoughby, me in Bushwick
Me in killa-me
Better play with your bomb miss yo mama
Dextrous eight something something mama
Keep sleepin on, I’mma rock my pajamas
In the daytime I swear I promise
Some day I need my face on
How come (??)
Yeah right, know (???)

Do yo damn thing, do yo thang-a-thang x3
Need fresh booty juice, yeah you do that thang

Do yo damn thing, do yo thang-a-thang x3

Okay, I give up.

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