Four Injured in Floor Collapse at Bed-Stuy Theater

02/07/2012 3:06 PM |


The floor of an outdoor smoking area gave in during a rave at the Slave Theater on Saturday night, dropping four people ten feet into a cellar, the Post reports. The four suffered minor injuries, as did the Bed-Stuy party (featuring DJ Fruit Loop!), which ended after the accident, at 10:30 p.m.

The Slave Theater dates back to 1982, when a local judge bought an old theater and turned it into a movie house. Soon, it became a meeting place for activists, landing a place in history as what the Bed-Stuy Patch calls a “famed civil-rights space.” Recently, the current owner said he planned to turn it into a church after he booted out squatters, though current tenants say they pay rent.