Glenn Beck Weighs in on Park Slope Food Co-Op Issue

02/23/2012 3:14 PM |


The Park Slope Food Co-Op is due to vote on whether to vote on whether the store should boycott Israeli products in protest of what some members see as the country’s apartheid-like treatment of Palestinians, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday in a widely shared article—so widely shared, in fact, that Glenn Beck caught wind of it, and voiced opposition to the idea during a fundraiser in Crown Heights last night, the Brooklyn Paper reports.

“What is happening with the food co-op where they are seriously considering a boycott of Israel?” [Beck] said, likening the suggested ban to a subtle version of drawing swastikas. “When you use words like ‘I’m just anti-Israel’ or ‘I’m just anti-Zionist’—that’s anti-Semitic.”

It’s peculiar to hear such charges from Beck, who is routinely accused of anti-Semitism.

Beck was in Brooklyn at a 200-person fundraiser for a museum in Israel that “commemorates controversial eviction of Israeli settlements in the Gaza strip,” the Paper reports. Assemblyman Dov Hikind was also at the event, and called the boycott supporters “idiots.” One commenter, who is not pro-boycott, retorted, “you better than anyone in Brooklyn should know an idiot when you see one, staring in the mirror.”