Here’s Why Allo Darlin is Basically the Only Band I Listen To, Ever

02/28/2012 9:48 AM |

If I were to tell you guys how much time I actually spend listening to Allo Darlin, I feel like you would probably be sort of creeped out and maybe not read my stuff anymore. So I’m not really going to get into that here. I’ll simply tell you that they’ve just released a video for “Capricornia,” the first single off their excellent new record, Europe, due out via Slumberland on April 17th. It, like everything else they’ve ever done, is exceedingly pleasant and full of heart, not to mention melodies that will make you dance and cry, possibly at the same time. Pre-order the single here.

*I will say, though, that aside from driving her around in the car, the only way my wife and I can get our 2-year-old daughter to take a nap during the day is to put on the band’s extremely underrated debut full-length from 2010 and dance around our bedroom until she falls asleep in our arms. I try hard never to do that thing where I pretend my kid likes all the same shit I do, but she really does like that record and it makes me extremely happy.

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