Lesser-Known Mardi Gras Traditions to Try Out Tonight

02/21/2012 4:04 PM |

Think outside the beads.

  • Think outside the beads.

Happy Mardi Gras! Alternately, happy staying inside until the drunk frat hordes disperse night! Mardi Gras is a holiday with a rich history of pancakes and costumes and some Jesus thing involving the desert, I think? But those of us not from New Orleans or Brazil mostly only know of two traditional Mardi Gras activities: drinking a lot, and showing your boobs in exchange for beads. How did the boob/bead exchange become the gold standard? That is lost to history. But seasoned revelers know there is an entire showing a body part/getting a thing economy particular to Mardi Gras. If you’re going out tonight, take some of these lesser-known flashes out for a spin to impress your friends. “Wow,” they’ll say, “This guy really knows his stuff.” Then you’ll all stagger over to a gutter and throw up in it.

Show: Boobs


Get: Beads
Show: Butt


Get: Double beads
Show: Cock


Get: A commemorative Hurricane glass with a picture of your cock on it
Show: Left ball


Get: A glittering tiara, festooned with disco balls
Show: Right ball


Get: Coupon for Build-a-Bear workshop
Show: Third ball


Get: Impressed nod from all the fellas, free shot of watermelon pucker
Show: All balls


Get: A perfectly made Old Fashioned, no fruit, yuck!
Show: Feet


Get: Cinnabon
Show: Tramp stamp


Get: A nagging sense of regret, mixed with nostalgia for a simpler time
Show: Elbow


Get: View of other person’s elbow
Show: Tummy


Get: Hugs!!!!!
Show: Vagina


Get: A necklace that is made of beads that look like boobs, featured on on a gross DVD,
Show: Tacos


Get: Hot sauce
Show: Taint


Get: Thrown out of the bar. Taints are considered vulgar in Mardi Gras culture.
Okay! Have fun and be safe. Can’t wait to see all the fun beads and stuff you get tonight!