Megabus’ Double-Decker Is Nearly 4,000 Pounds Heavier Than NYC’s Legal Limit

02/08/2012 8:59 AM |



First it was Megaupload’s challenged legality, now Megabus’. According to a report by DNAinfo, the popular bus line’s double-decker weighs 39,750 pounds at full capacity, almost 4,000 pounds heavier than the state’s legal limit. In light of the loading zone “circus” blocking the sidewalks, Midtown’s Community Board 4 is calling for the Department of Transportation to enforce the law.

Megabus’ weight issue made the perfect pretext for the long-time frustrations of Midtown residents. Last year, the transportation committee of CB4 wrote a letter to Megabus asking the company to reduce sidewalk congestion, double-parking and to install bathroom facilities. Why bathroom facilities? Some passengers who had been holding it in the entire ride ended up “urinating and defecating behind buildings” near the loading zone. Moms everywhere have a point: That’s why you use the bathroom before you leave, people.

Megabus is also looking at two new midtown locations to pick up and drop off passengers, but CB4 is urging the DOT to reject the proposal. Midtowners are also upset over the fact that Megabus doesn’t even have to pay a curbside parking fee, like the one they pay in Washington D.C.

Man, it must suck to live in Midtown. As a last resort, there’s always the scary anti-obesity ad approach: “Bus sizes have grown, which can lead to double-deck amputations.”

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