Relax, Guys, Justin Vernon Can Take a Joke

02/20/2012 10:03 AM |

Watch this weekend’s most chattered-about SNL sketch one more time because there may never be another reason for Justin Vernon to direct a tweet at Justin Timberlake that includes the hashtag #totallyamazingtieclipbro, and we should appreciate it while we can. Because the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj impersonations were pretty much spot-on. Because Maya Rudolph and the unveiling of her sparkly silver dress. Because the whole “white butler” thing. Because the fake Bon Iver “fashioned a guitar out of a canoe.” Because he stares straight into the camera when he says he could put Blue Ivy to sleep. Because it’s Presidents’ Day, and something tells us Abraham Lincoln would’ve dug Bon Iver if the timing were right. (Happy Presidents’ Day.) And because Justin Vernon’s reaction to the skit, as you can see below, made it that much better.